Lego Serious Play Facilitation

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A COURSE that will deliver something new, inspire the participants to the next level and get them to commit to what is said in the training course. Then the answer could be Lego Serious Play.

So why use Lego Serious Play? The methodology has 4 benefits over other traditional courses.

  1. DEMOCRATIC - the participants are 100% engaged as they are encouraged to lean in, as they build with their hands and talk about the models built.

  2. ENHANCED COMMUNICATION - the participants are fully heard and listened too, as they explain their models and thinking around the model.

  3. SHARED UNDERSTANDING - the participants create a model that they all can commit to in helping deliver that courses understanding.

  4. BETTER DECISIONS - the participants can look at factors which could affect them in real time and build a strategy to help them deal with those scenarios.

The course methodology is 'HARD FUN'  it's not about people building models out of Lego and going back to their childhood. It's about drawing out the answers within the participant that has not been talked about before, as they have not had a chance or believe that they would not be listened too. While the answers are explored within the group, which can be hard. It is fun too, as the team work together building individual and team models.

The methodology encourages people to explore and navigate around the model built by asking questions about it and not interrogating the person. The participants involved in the course are encouraged to negotiate a shared model or landscape in which they can all commit to in helping them move forward and develop further as a team.


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Fox 26 News

What is Lego Serious Play


Team Building Workshop

So, if you would like a taster session to see if it would help your employees (whatever their level) in encouraging a safer, healthier culture. Get in contact to arrange a session.


 Lego Serious Play Facilitation

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What People Say

  • Paul was an important part of this course. As it happened to him and not somebody in a DVD. It really brought it home accidents do happen to real people and not an actor.

    W. Harron

    SITA Doncaster

  • Paul's speech gave true insight into the impact of an accident rather than just a dramatized video about just what happened at the time of it.

    W. Evans

    C.Spencers Group

  • Paul's presentation of his experiences was very moving, and inspirational. I believe him being here to talk through and being able to ask questions first hand was great.


    C.Spencers Group