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Sunday, 21 August 2016 13:02


If you hadn't notice the last couple of weeks there has been lots of people trying to put 4 years of hard work to good use as they hope that at the end a gold medal is placed over their neck.


4 years seems a very long time to most people, as they hope most of the time just to get through one year at a time. It is nearly 4 years since I took that little step in front of my first audience to tell them about that day and the affects and effects since.


It wasn't the most brilliant of talks as I stumbled over my words, as they disappeared from my mind. I was also challenged by one of the delegates as he said he wouldn't or none of his colleagues would do that stupid thing that I had done. He was right it was a stupid thing to do, diving in trying to get a machine up and running again. What he couldn't see was that he was doing the same, as he described why he had scares down his neck because he scrapped the slag off the molten metal.


I'm getting off track (no pun intended) when I look back now it must be like all them sports men and women out in Rio, they must of faced times when they could just of turned their backs and walk away from it all, but something drives them to keep going and beat the challenge ahead.


That's how I look at the challenge of inspiring others to work safer and go home everyday to their love ones. There is at times going to be that hurdle just a little bit to high and you just can't see a way over. You start to get angry as the more you try the more you fail. The challenge looks like its got the better of you, but then one day you see a different way of doing things and the hurdle appears tiny and you power ahead to the next challenge.


What I have described is the challenging person in the room, the one who wants to point a finger at me and tell me I'm stupid for doing what I did. They are right I was and if only I could turn back time, I can't as much as I wish to be in my little mill doing what I was good at.


Actually, they need to point the finger at themselves as they need to tell themselves they are the stupid one because so, far they have been the lucky one not to end up in hospital.



My way of dealing with addressing the challenges of getting that healthier safer attitude is to go off at a tangent. Why as it gets people thinking as I know that one slide, one story could get the result I'm hoping for a family not receiving that phone call or knock at the door.

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What People Say

  • Paul's presentation of his experiences was very moving, and inspirational. I believe him being here to talk through and being able to ask questions first hand was great.


    C.Spencers Group

  • Paul's speech gave true insight into the impact of an accident rather than just a dramatized video about just what happened at the time of it.

    W. Evans

    C.Spencers Group

  • Paul was an important part of this course. As it happened to him and not somebody in a DVD. It really brought it home accidents do happen to real people and not an actor.

    W. Harron

    SITA Doncaster

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