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This week I attend a facilitation course to run Lego Serious Play, you may think how can this make a difference to my organisation?


Well, it changes the way people get involved with the questions being asked, especially with cultural change. The methodology of the serious play thinking is that everybody is involved in the session as they lean in, building their ideals in real time and giving that out of the box answer.


As everybody is involved it can stop that poor survey response because the session becomes the survey and everybody has to be involved and respond. As the other members of the session questions the model, not the person. So, a strategy evolves in front of your eyes and in your hands. 


Health and safety can benefit and be improved as well as instead of people sitting around, arms crossed and looking at either the floor or ceiling, they get involved as they are invited to take part and express their views.


There is no PowerPoint, no flipcharts and no sitting around listening to someone teach a subject,. It is lean in, involving everyone and fun with a goal in mind.


Plato said 'You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation'. Nearly 2500 years later we are starting to see how right he was. A session can last a few hours to a couple of days depending how deep you want to go.


Play brings the best out of us and it gives a new light to areas that have become stale and run out of ideas. It allows people to join in where before there were not involved or felt part off the process. It makes ideas easier to see as they are there on the table staring us in the face.


As most people are either visual or kinaesthetic when they learn a large majority of employees are involved straightaway, the auditory learners are still involved as they are included at the storytelling and Q&A. It is a very much win - win situation when it comes to moving things forward in the right direction.


Other uses for the Lego Serious Play to help the organisation can be coaching and mentoring employees (any level) or mindfulness sessions to unlocking employees stress,



If you are interested in developing employees and/or the organisation then please get in touch to discuss your requirements in going to new frontiers.

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  • Paul's speech gave true insight into the impact of an accident rather than just a dramatized video about just what happened at the time of it.

    W. Evans

    C.Spencers Group

  • Paul was an important part of this course. As it happened to him and not somebody in a DVD. It really brought it home accidents do happen to real people and not an actor.

    W. Harron

    SITA Doncaster

  • Paul's presentation of his experiences was very moving, and inspirational. I believe him being here to talk through and being able to ask questions first hand was great.


    C.Spencers Group

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