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What Makes My Job Rewarding!

So, what makes my job rewarding? Well it's when you get emails from attendees just like the ones below.

Hi Paul

I attended your course at Romiley Board Mill yesterday.
I would just like to say a huge Thank you to you all for the delivery of such a powerful insight into safety at work.
Your stories were so moving and really have touched myself and the other attendees.
The course itself was the very best 'health and safety' session I have ever sat, it certainly gave us all wake up call to how important it is to look out for ourselves and others and to always think of the bigger picture.
It was a pleasure to meet you all and I wish you all the very best in the future.

Thanks again,

Anne Stewart.

Hi Paul
> speaking to you at IOSH meeting in Hull Yesterday , I found  was emotional with regards to your accident. and all you said I could relate to in my current workplace.  I would just like to Thank you again for you story and the chat,  you have inspired me to communicate and interact with all my work colleagues( Managers& shop floor staff) in closing gaps and production can be carried out safe and  good morale in the workforce will meet production targets more safely  and within time. Kind Regards
> Steve Larvin  Bsc Hons

It means a lot to me that someone sitting there has taken the time to write and express their feelings to you. In that it has inspired them to work safer and it will have a knock on affect to their love ones and work colleagues.

It's great to know that short time that I spoke to Anne and Steve will have a lasting presences on them in a good way.

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What People Say

  • Paul's presentation of his experiences was very moving, and inspirational. I believe him being here to talk through and being able to ask questions first hand was great.


    C.Spencers Group

  • Paul's speech gave true insight into the impact of an accident rather than just a dramatized video about just what happened at the time of it.

    W. Evans

    C.Spencers Group

  • Paul was an important part of this course. As it happened to him and not somebody in a DVD. It really brought it home accidents do happen to real people and not an actor.

    W. Harron

    SITA Doncaster

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